Scalopped potato roll

Hello everyone! Today is European election and we’re walking down the local school to cast our votes.

Anyway, we’ve tried to cook this scalopped potato roll twice in the last month and somehow, it didn’t seem to work. The first try, the potatoes were thick and other ingredients were too much that we couldn’t roll it. The second try, we cut the potatoes thinner and didn’t pile the ingredients too much. It was better than the first one, but we’re still not happy about it. We’ll keep on trying….

The first try…

The second try…

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  1. Oh this looks sooo delicious, and easy! Do you have a recipe? Can’t see what is on the bottom, is it wax paper – and what is mixed with the spinach, and in which kind of sauce the meat is? Would love to make this (it reminds me on a burrito,, only with potatoes, and other ingredients) Many thanks bringing this hearty treat to All Seasons! Have a great week. Oh, which party is winning in Germany?

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  2. I’ve heard of scalloped potatoes before but this is the first time I’ve seen scalloped potato roll. It looks yummy!

    Thanks for joining Tummy Tuesday again.

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