Remembering Dad on Father’s Day


Father’s Day
Father’s love
Love for us
Love for ever
Ever missing you
Ever honouring you
You our hero
You our dad
Dad with big belly
Dad who was a great cook
Cooked kare-kare
Cooked at weekends
Weekends going to church
Weekends going out
Out for a meal
Out with everyone
Everyone misses you
Everyone who cares
Cares for the environment
Cares and equality
Equality for all
Equality you taught us
Us your kids and grandkids
Us who you left behind
Behind the shadow
Behind our grief
Grief when you left
Grief and emptiness
Emptiness in our hearts
Emptiness we feel
Feel with compassion
Feel with your generosity
Generosity and kindness
Generosity on Christmas
Christmas we had
Christmas was fun
Fun and party
Fun with reunions
Reunions with relatives
Reunions on New Year’s Day
Day with everyone
Day to start the year
Year when you left
Year when our hearts broke
Broke but moved on
Broke but stood tall
Tall and grew
Tall and what we achieved

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

* The Blitz Poem


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