100 Word Wednesday: Week 127 – Budding beauties


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Mother, Washing Dishes” by Susan Meyers: rarely, spared, finches, delivering, knuckles, greasy, mail, note, swirling, wanting, curb, news

Great swirling sparkles
This budding beauty
Delivering good news
Wanting oh so fruity

Rarely we see such a beauty
Curbing our desire
Spared us with thoughts
There’s light in that fire

Finches, bees and firefly
Greasy hands and feet
Reading her mail from her friend
And she’s coping well with all the heat

Note to myself and the others
Better keep out of mischief
From hard earned knuckles
Isn’t she such a mistress?

Such a sight, such a beauty
As she walks by the beach
Footprints in the sand
Reaching for some peach

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 127,  Whirligig 221,   Budding beauties



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