100 Word Wednesday: Week 129 – A shattered existence

Image by Bikurgurl

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Lowering Your Standards for Food Stamps” by Sheryl Luna: bleach, blur, wait, humiliation, everything, games, dizzy, blame, smokes, poems, sing, fear

A shattered existence so blurred
Don’t wait, the road is closed
Humiliation if stirred
Smokes here if disclosed
No more poems, no more singing
No more fun, no more bell ringing
No more poems
No more poems
Could start from the beginning

A shattered existence so blurred
No one to blame, just so
And if we believe word for word
Fear not when the wind blows
Everything could be fair in games
We’ll be dizzy when we’re in flames
Everything could
Everything could
The road is closed in Maynard Keynes

A shatterd existence so blurred
Bleach the pain and hide it
Perhaps one day free as a bird
Sunrise and the moonlit
Learn the lesson and carry on
Life is wonderful in the dawn
Learn the lesson
Learn the lesson
Time’s a healer, soon pain is gone*

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

* Trijan Refrain

For: 100 Word Wednesday: Week 129,  Whirligig 223,   A shattered existence


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