Food, glorious food!

Food, glorious, food! These are some of the food we’ve been cooking. Thanks for giving us this chance.

First – chicken with cashew nuts and chillies and egg fried rice. Prepared all ingredients. I was responsible for the fried rice and Him Indoors for the chicken. In a pan, I started with a tin of sweet corn and peppers and added 2 eggs with salt and pepper. Slowly, I added the cooked rice we had last night. For the Singaporean chicken, as Him Indoors calls his recipe, he started by frying some cashew nuts, prepared chillies and spring onions and put them aside. He then fried some chicken breast, added some chillies and soy sauce and put the rest of the ingredients together. We had chilled white wine with them.



Second – chilli con carne and rice. We had some Bolognese sauce left from the spaghetti we had the other day, so waste not, what not, chilli con carne! Anyway, heated the Bolognese sauce and added a tin of kidney beans and white beans. We cooked some rice to go with it and had some grapes for dessert. Delicious!



Last, but not the least – dolmades, my first time to cook and my own version. Ingredients included vine leaves from our garden, minced pork, pine nuts, onions, mints, thyme, dill and other herbs from the garden, salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon, rice. I washed the vine leaves, blanched them in boiling water and drained them in a colander. Soaked the rice in hot water and drained it. Chopped onions and the herbs. Mixed all ingredients in a bowl with my hands. Wrapped them with the leaves loosely and arranged them in a pan with a plate put on top of them so they won’t be undone. Covered with water and lemon juice. Boiled them for 30 to 45 minutes. Best serve hot. Not bad for my first try!



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  1. I’m not so sure I should have come here at this particular time of the day. Too close to lunch time and…these pictures are making me hungry! lol
    The food looks awesome but also a little intimidating to prepare. I’ve never heard of “dolmades” but they sure looking interesting 😀

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  2. What an excellent post.
    Full Disclosure: I’m not so much ‘into food’, i.e. not a developed palette at all. Oddly even, though, I do enjoy watch some cooking shows ( Good Eats and America’s Test Kitchen, to name a two).
    You’ve done excellent work combining words and photos here. Very cool.
    (I thought of one of my other TV favorites, car-building shows when I saw the first photo, with all the utensils and such. lol the tools of the trade, I guess.)
    Have a good week.

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  3. Very impressive display of meal preparations! I had to go to the dictionary to read more about dolmades.
    How nice that you both enjoy cooking. This looks like it could have been prepared for a very special occasion. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and finding music to go along.

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