OctPoWriMo Day 30 – I am me


Me, myself, I, love being me
Born and bred from the Philippines
Got a degree in Chemistry
Left home when I was twenty two

Visited Europe, such great place
Me, myself, I, love being me
First time to see snow and wow
Great to see but feeling the cold

I’ve met Him Indoors in the lab
Action and reaction, that’s us
Me, myself, I, love being me
After two years we got married

Moved to Munich and had the son
Cosy in our house with garden
Love travelling with Him Indoors
Me, myself, I, love being me*

* Quatern


I were me
I would find myself
Not get lost among others
By trying to please them
I’d be authentic
Truly me

* The Joseph’s Star

I am me, I am my own person
Inasmuch as I am happy
In snow, rain, wind or the sun
I can climb hills and swim in the sea

Am I cool or what with my glasses?
Anyone, anywhere I can be
And the same goes with my bandannas
Add sugar and milk with my tea

Moments come and moments go
Make me think of my priorities
Man, give me something that glows
Macaroni and cheese, please

Over the hills and far away
One story, one book for each one
On such a fine day
Only me, only one*

* Trolaan

For: OctPoWriMo Day 30



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