Photo Challenge # 288 and Wordle #156


Though self-conscious, she force herself to go
Requiescat slow was said as a good luck
Courage pluck to go to the meeting though
As the wind blows, sweaty hands got tuck

Would he be apologetic?
Or poetic for both of them?
What’s the ghost word for all of these?
She felt the breeze in place

The past when they were together
Thinking whether there’s still the trace
And with grace to forgive outcome
Hard wish and some embrace

Flush in the face as she crawls to see him
And in prelim she imagines the scene
What does it mean when all she hears is hymn?
Like brothers Grimm tale outcome is unseen

And so the conclusion is best to know
Stories flow get rid of thunderstruck
Best to unstuck all hindrances to grow
Even in snow she has to face that schmuck*

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

* LaJemme


For: Photo Challenge # 288,  Wordle #156

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