Visions of an empty room, pieces of Marty and me


THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “The Pond at Dusk” by Jane Kenyon: water, evidence, leaves, casket, wound, smoke, sometimes, clearing, heals, blossoms, comes, struggle

Visions of an empty room
The love used to blossom
When we first met
The moon was promised
Evidence of care
Hope came but left too soon
Started with smoke, now big fire
Water can’t stop it and we can’t commune

Visions of an empty room
Pieces of Marty and me
Sometimes we have to struggle
The wound might heal
But the pain’s still there
When Marty left in the clearing
Just like that, went and gone
Away from me, away in a distance

Visions of an empty room
No matter what I do
No matter where I look
Pieces of Marty’s still there
One day, with the help of time
He’ll just be a ghost, forever gone
I have to be brave and move on
In an empty room, empty lawn

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

For: Visions of an empty room, Pieces of Marty and me,  Whirligig 243