Sunday Photo Fiction – Drinking my cup of tea

Photo Credit Morguefile

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “While We Were Arguing” by Jane Kenyon: snow, house, moved, splashed, moments, cups, tea, pleasure, dark, down, aloud, harm

Pleasure drinking my cup of tea
This moment with my notes and me
Splash of memories with glee
No harm done as we all agree
Dark thoughts and anecdotes sometimes
Thinking aloud what goes with times

Could be snowing, but the sun’s out
Down the alley on this hangout
And with friends without any doubt
Near the house taking the same route
As we have done many times so
And as we all move to and fro

Laughing and crying all the same
Problems and challenges we claim
And so proud of what we became
No pretense nor fraud, just fair game
As the years pass by, so are we
Drinking our tea, being carefree*

(c) ladyleemanila 2020

* LaCharta

For: Sunday Photo Fiction – Jan 26 2020,  Whirligig 249


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