JusJoJan the 26th, 2020 – “busy”


The long holiday weekend was so busy, he was happy to go back to the more relaxing schedule of the work week.

Jack and Rose thought they’d spend the long weekend away from home and drive to another town. They raced their car to their destination, together with hundreds of others who thought of the same measure to escape the humdrum of their daily lives.

The first day was spent in traffic as thick clouds spread in the horizon. Unfortunately, there was a collision of cars causing an accident. Police and ambulance were called to rescue the victims. Of course, there were even more delays on the motorway.

They eventually reached the hotel but was denied any room. The receptionist said that their regular patrons were hosting a big event, thus, all rooms were occupied. This was despite the fact that Jack and Rose booked the room online.

They spent their precious time looking for some sort of accommodation in that place. They found one nearby. It wasn’t a 4 star hotel, but clean enough. They tried to enjoy what was left of their weekend. The clock was ticking, soon they had to make their way back to their house. Oh what a very short and hectic weekend!

For: Daily Prompt – JusJoJan the 26th, 2020


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