Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2020): New

meet Unggoy, our new adopted orangutang

new bird of paradise flower, still waiting for the other two, yay!

just bought this new garden feature this morning, out of the Christmas voucher we got

yummy! just made this new green papaya salad

Looking forward to hearing this concert, our New Year’s present to ourselves

have a lovely month, everyone!

For: Photo Blogging Challenge (January 2020): New



  1. It’s quite a bit of work to make a salad like that. Good for you! I make a salad almost every day for lunch and my hubby is usually just about finished his sandwich before I’ve finished chopping the vegetables. Good to read that the concert was top notch. Maybe your other bird of paradise blossoms have opened by now. And how are you liking the new wooden/ball sculpture in your garden?

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