A love song for your family in general

I was three, my brother was four and we were waiting in the other room, my father was pacing up and down. Until we heard the midwife (my aunt) said: “it’s a girl!” We all rushed in the room, we saw some blood and the baby crying and my mom was on the floor. My aunt told us to “go away, we’re not ready yet.”

And then they were gone. We were playing hide and seek and I was “it”. I closed my eyes, counted up to a hundred, opened my eyes and said: “here I come, ready or not.” I searched for them high and low, wondering where they could be. I followed their voices. Memories of my childhood.

Happy Family Standing On The Beach

For: Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 10: A Love Song for your Family in General & Prompt for Day 11