On Valentine’s Day, it has to be about Cupid 🙂

prickly heat
prickly brambles
brambles so sharp
brambles so rough
rough and acute
rough and keen
keen to pleased
keen to be sharp
sharp suit and all
sharp tongue though
though I like you
though I’m your friend
friend for life
friend in deeds
deeds and words
deeds that peaked
peaked officer’s cap
peaked and sickly
sickly sweet
sickly fable of lovers
lovers delight
lovers barbed
barbed wire
barbed arrows
arrows so sharp
arrows of Cupid
Cupid’s target
Cupid’s match
match of the day
match and colour
colour my world
colour she enjoys
enjoys the garden
enjoys being with you
you look sharp
you look dashing
dashing and bold
dashing to impress
impress I am
impress of his fingers
fingers and toes
fingers and thumbs
thumbs up
thumbs for love
love you more
love for victory
victory for peace
victory we seek

* The Blitz Poem, a poetry form created by Robert Keim.

For: Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 14: On Valentine’s Day, it has to be about Cupid & Prompt for Day 15



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