Thursday photo prompt: Storm #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

Thick clouds forming
Eerily calm before the storm
Chill in the air, rainstorm brewing
And when the storm comes, even apes want raincoats
It lifts the seas, looses acres, fills the wells
Seducing, like an overwhelming, centrifugal Jezebel
Torrential downpour, chirrups on the road

Calm before the storm
I hope it hits you hard
You left my heart scarred
Gave you my soul in form
And you made it deform
I have to keep my guard
How could you be so cruel?
When I have given all?
You’re such an evil gall
Without me your life’s null
All your fault, you’re blameful
I looked at you, appalled
I’m happy to be free
And you don’t deserve me

For: Thursday photo prompt: Storm #writephoto


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