A love that hurts, a breakup or heartbreak

For what made him do what he did?
All her heart and soul was given to him
And she has given everything up just for him
Has he reached the point of misdid?
Her honour and trust was broken
Not to mention the heart that was bleeding
She was promised the moon but wasn’t delivered
What he did cannot be undone
And was it abuse of power?
Was the temptation great or was it greed?
He wanted the whole hand instead of a finger
Or was he such a good actor?
And was he worth all the heartache?
It was quite tough but she has to move on
It was his lost, forgetting him is the best way
It wasn’t too late for her sake*

* RemyLa Rhyme Form


For: Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 20 : A love that hurts, a breakup or heartbreak & Prompt for Day 21