Thursday photo prompt: Still #writephoto

Photo by Sue Vincent

I went to visit the pond yesterday
It’s my birthday and I want to savour
Peace to make sure I’ll get there anyway
Heat of the day and the sky is pure

Now I ask a storyteller
As a dweller on this village
Am I courageous or coward?
To be showered with peace

I saw a sly fox sneaking
Such a greeting on my birthday
And a wee blue jay flying by
And as I sigh I also sway

Such chain of events on my special day
As I sway some sheep grazing by the field
My soul is healed as I quietly pray
Nature to convey destiny to yield

Celebrate with hope on this special day
Such a good day to spend on the moor
And I assure you of peace all the way
And if you may to share with me savour*

(c) ladyleemanila 2020

* LaJemme


For: Thursday photo prompt: Still #writephoto,  Wordle 445 Feb 29 by bwarren


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