Friday Fictioneers – Back in the old days

PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

Back in the old days when life was simple
Typing my essays, paper might crimple
Lift up! Lift up! Count our blessings
This virus thing and it’s pressing
Don’t panic, wash hands and stay on board
Lift up our hearts and sing praise to our Lord

Stay at home if we want this contain
And do not roam, not by train nor airplane
Enough! Enough! Let’s do our part
We must be two meters apart
Virus spreads from person to person
Enough being selfish, not to worsen

After this we’ll view the world differently
What we have gone through, treat the world gently
Be calm! Be calm! Smooth sailing
Don’t rip the floor, stop wailing
World’s telling us, listen to the message
Be calm and let us learn our lesson*

(c) ladyleemanila 2020

* Staccato


For: 27 March 2020 Friday Fictioneers,  Wordle 446 Mar 8 by bwarren


  1. Perhaps it sounds good with piano music, but I still enjoyed the poetry beat.
    Not sure if we ever really learn the lesson, not fully.
    The present plague scenario was practiced in a NHS exercise a few years ago – the lesson of shortages was not heeded.
    But what is, is what is – we will pull through.

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