ALL SEASONS – Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I woke up and Easter bunny has been!


It has been a very cosy month, being at home, cooking, blogging, cleaning and sorting things, going up and down the stairs, rowing, watching Netflix or news and if the weather is nice, being in the garden or as long as we’re practicing social distancing, going for a walk.

I was following a recipe but realised I didn’t have some of the ingredients… I substituted something or simply omitted them … viola! Ladylee’s Easter bread. It wasn’t bad, so proud of this. Delicious!

Have a blessed Easter everyone!



  1. For someone as busy as you are, this must have been a great month on catching up on things and doing relaxing things:) Don’t know the situation of your job, but I hope you are doing okay financially. That Easter bread looks delicious. Am sure, the bunny is a “has been”:) In this time, the ones who have a yard, are blessed! Many thanks for sharing the change in your season with us. have an inspiring week, Jesh

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