Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2020): Keeping busy

Him Indoors and his model boat

working on our third jigsaw puzzle since the lockdown

cross training, rowing, going up and down the stairs or following zumba on telly

gardening and taking photos of flowers as they bloom

baking, cooking, trying new recipes

For: Photo Blogging Challenge (May 2020): Keeping busy.   More quarantine baking!



  1. Your flower garden is so far ahead of mine! The buds are just forming up on my poppies now. I also like to go out to photograph the blossoms, especially when bees and butterflies are landing. Way to go on mixing up your workouts. I haven’t tried Zumba, but have been doing some YouTube cardio workouts, lots of walking and several bike rides. As for the brownies, they look delish! And they explain why you’re exercising so diligently. 😉

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  2. We’ve found our old jigsaw puzzles as well and have enjoyed putting them together. I had a couple made of photos I had taken of our boys for a Mother’s Day gift. I didn’t consider how much negative space I had in these photos. They’re going to be quite a challenge. Hello, blue sky!

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  3. Wow, that is one big puzzle! I think I’d glue it together and frame it when finished! That is one very cool model boat and looks like it would take a lot of patience to assemble. Brownies (anything chocolate) is my weakness so I’ll scroll past those quickly! Looks like a very productive month!

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    1. thank you, Lisa 🙂 that’s what we did with the first puzzle, glued together, waiting to be hanged in our den (ehem … ehem..Him Indoors). Yes, Him Indoors’ model boat takes a lot of patience and years! stay safe 🙂


  4. Nice set of shots for this month’s theme. The brownies look very tasty. I’m impressed you’re on your third puzzle. I got through 2 and then got really bored with the next one and never finished it.

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    1. thank you, Webfoot 🙂 it’s a team work, the puzzle, we urge each other or when one gets bored, it’s OK to have a break… we have all the time in the world hahaha 🙂


  5. Wow, cool boat your husband is crafting!
    Love the brownies, too.
    How many pieces does your puzzle have?
    Your approach to be busy is much better balanced than mine! Keep it up 🙂

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