What do you see # 32 – Photographs and memories

Image credit- Pixabay-DariuszSankowski

( The image shows an old-fashioned camera resting on a faded map. There are three photos in sepia print next to the camera)

Photographs and memories to last a lifetime
From the time I graduated till now long hard climb
The world is my oyster, I sing, I go, I fly
Every trip is different, as long as I see the sky
Food is delicious with rosemary and thyme

No memories to regret, some poems to rhyme
Keeping eye on my priorities as prime
Counting my blessing with true friends and ally
Photographs and memories

Concentrate on the little things as bells chime
Never inflate my ego or do some crime
No place is the same, say hello then goodbye
Perhaps I travel until the day I die
In my mind at least I can travel anytime
Photographs and memories*

(c) ladyleemanila 2020

* A Rondeau is a French form, 15 lines long, consisting of three stanzas: a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet with a rhyme scheme as follows: aabba aabR aabbaR. Lines 9 and 15 are short – a refrain (R) consisting of a phrase taken from line one. The other lines are longer (but all of the same metrical length).


For: What do you see # 32- 1st June 2020,  Wordle 457 May 24 by bwarren


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