Photo Challenge #321 – Walking, basking, climbing

Photo by mh cheraghi on

Travelling is the best gift we can have
Walking in the lake and picture taking
This way and that way, all at once or halve
How are you? I am fine, thanks for asking
Are we there yet? Children eager to know
What can we do? Walking, basking, climbing
A show to watch and a boat to row
Somewhere to eat, places to see
Time for skiing in the snow
Every place has its own beauty
Lakes in Toronto or Munich
Rice fields, volcanoes in Bali
North or South Pole or the Arctic
Samoa, Lanai or Beijing
Breath-taking and majestic

The hour was late and time’s up
Are we prepared to see the light?
Now get ready for a shakeup
We work, we write, we fight or flight
Have some challenges and hindrance
It’s up to us whether we fight
Sometimes too fast for our cadence
Not thinking of priorities
Sometimes too much, we need balance
Time to see the beauties and seas
Time to slow down and appreciate
Hear the birds sing and feel the breeze
The world’s full of love and not hate
In our own way, we should take part
Have we done enough? As we wait
We show the goodness in our heart
Life is compose of day and night
Will they miss us when we depart?
Ready or not we all go through
One day each one will say adieu
The hour was late and time’s up
Now get ready for a shakeup

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