100 Word Wednesday: 172 – Autumn

Image by Bikurgurl

Trees of autumn gold and rust coloured leaves
Cold breeze in the air that’s so refreshing

Clouds overlap each other, sky’s so grey
The apple of the seasons, autumn comes

Juicy apples grow, fountain shimmering
Withering flowers, sky flushes with gold

Autumn’s voice sing with songs of birds and fruits
Wind brushes the leaves as we walk, they crunch

Stars and moon twirling, like dancers swaying
Under the moonlight holding hands with you

Singing our hearts and professing our love
We kissed and nature is our sole witness

Crunching autumn leaves whirling in the wind
Autumn comes as the sweet song of the year

For: https://bikurgurl.com/2020/10/28/100-word-wednesday-172/


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