OctPoWriMo Day 31 – light, dark, shadow

“I love you as certain dark things
Are to be loved in secret
Between the shadow and the soul”
From a poppy seed to certain flings
Nothing to whirl and have that strut
On both mind and body it takes its toll

I stand fending off the raven and crow
The candle with cinnamon and orange
Colourful buttons forming a heart
Pulling me with such alarming glow
Clumsy molecules but what a challenge
I shout in my heart that you’re also a part

Love soars from earth to infinity
For love of love, or heart’s solitude
Who cry for shadows and cannot tell
Begrudge I come with a plea
Never a sunny day for a feud
Tried to stifle the thoughts and quell

The tapestry of life
The veiled truth sparkles
Sad when we’re in strife
Why can’t you see my angle?

Ignorant to be precise
Shining in lightness
Searching for a paradise
Instead of one in bleakness

A mutable cuttlefish
Flaking in the sea
Don’t be so childish
Otherwise I’ll flee

Such a grey existence
As the bee buzzes
Can I survive in your absence?
Don’t know what’s the fuzz?

Can we make it rosy?
The shadows of the past
I say with a plea
Let’s give it a blast

Black is vast emptiness at night alack
Shadow of the past left to be shadowed
Darkness stays in thoughts deeds of darkness
Knight so galant who came into the night

Grief one feels hoping to get light relief
Scar left and the lessons within are
So feeling low with each day to sough
Take one day at a time each step to take

Evil is not an angel but devil
Devil may care and the pain so evil
World so black needed the sail unfurled
Hope and trust desired to wake up hope

Life is a challenge so let’s not strife
Strife and then make up, that is life*

* Shadow Sonnet

For: http://www.octpowrimo.com/

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