Sunday Photo Fiction – Empty reflections

Photo by Patrick Porto on

Back to those empty reflections

Owe to family connections

Passing progress everyone knows

Empty reflections back to those

The act of giving dried flowers

Joy to the souls in the tower

Team effort for a rural pact

Dried flowers giving the act

Empty reflections come what may

From the fields and out of hay

Life is of course, full of questions

Come what may empty reflections*

(c) ladyleemanila 2020

The Swap Quatrain was created by Lorraine M. Kanter.

Within the Swap Quatrain each stanza in the poem must be a quatrain (four lines) where the first line is reversed in the fourth line. In addition, line 2 must rhyme with line 1, and line 3 must rhyme with line 4 and so on, BUT not repeat the same rhyming pattern on subsequent stanzas.

Rhyming pattern: AABB, CCDD, and so on.



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