Thank you for the orchids that he gave

They were red and blooming

Made the room all so bright and cheery

Him Indoors his love all so moving

Thank you for the sunset over there

Manage to capture it

Over our house on a cold evening

And now I’m waiting for the moonlit

Thank you for chilli sauce day

Him Indoors and his shield

Protection from the heat of chillis

Bhut Jolokia from our backfield

Thank you for the first Advent Sunday

We light the first candle

Put out the lights and decorations

Quiet celebration to handle

Thank you for the first snow of the year

Fresh snow in the morning

Children laughing as they go to school

It was cold but the sun was shining*

(c) ladyleemanila 2020

For: Photo Blogging Challenge (November 2020): Thankful (


  1. I enjoyed the accompanying poetry with your photos this month. I love the Advent shot and am also thankful for this time of reflection. The first snow is always so magical. It covers and makes everything look so clean and new. And, the colors in the clouds of your sunset are gorgeous!

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  2. So creative this month with the poetry to accompany your photos. I’ll bet the chilli is remarkably tasty! I don’t often cook with hot chillis, but one time when I forgot to wear gloves and then took out my contact lenses, my eyes watered for about 20 minutes…I never forgot again! 😀

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  3. Perfect song to go with your post!
    Did you get snow on Tuesday like us?
    My coworker grows chilli at home and made the mistake to grind it without gloves or a shield. Let’s just say he’s a slow learner ;-))

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    1. thanks, Tamara. Yes, we had snow on Tuesday. Wow, he’ll learn his lesson! We had to open all windows and I had to get out of the house when Him Indoors does the chilli. 🙂


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