December Countdown to Christmas – Presents

It’s the season to be jolly
On a snowy day and we’re free
Horses eating hay for their tea

We’ve bought our Christmas tree and decorated with bright lights
We’ve been good and made our lists for Santa in our handwrites
Hope he comes, we leave him some mince pies on Christmas midnight

Wrapped presents under the tree
Busy with shopping spree
Hope Santa fits in chimney

Carrot for reindeer
Would Santa like beer?
To our health for cheer

This is our Christmas
Excitement endless
All so rambunctious*

(c) ladyleemanila 2016

The Christ-in-a-Rhyme

The crumpled paper and tinsel meant that all presents were given and opened, greetings and thanks were said, the waiting and the excitement really happened. They also meant that another Christmas has come and gone, that we all celebrated it in different ways, usually with our loved ones. Having said that, we should also think of others who celebrated it by themselves, or who cannot celebrate it for some reason or another. That we should be thankful for all our blessing, the good and the bad things that happened to us, and hopefully learning our lessons in life. Cheers everyone!

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