Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! Him Indoors and I had a very cosy Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We cooked, baked, ate and drank a lot! In the morning, we opened our presents, one each from HRH the son and beautiful K (he’s got his team’s tricot and I got wooly scarf/wrap around). We also got some jigsaw puzzles.

It snowed first thing in the morning.

For our Christmas dish, we had turkey leg wrapped with bacon, chicken leg with five spice powder, some stuffing with sage and onions, peas, carrots, parsnips, beans, roast potatoes. We then had our Christmas pudding with custard.

Not to mention the mince pies, coconut macaroons, nuts and oranges.

In the evening we just watched telly. For Boxing Day, we had a lie in and walked around the village as the weather is lovely. For dinner, we cooked sizzling duck. It was delicious!

Enjoy the rest of the holidays, everyone!

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  1. You look so cosy in your new gift blanket! You cooked a lot of delicious food. I’ll go for the mince pies. One time I really have to make them. That it snowed also must have made it feel like Christmas! Of course, the Muppet Christmas is a winner:) thank you for including that in your post for everyone at All Seasons to enjoy:) A thousand thanks for this delight- ful post, Have a lovely winter week, Jesh

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