#JusJoJan prompt the 12th – “Sing”

Sing me a song with mist
On this grey sleep over
Laughing all the way here
Water was spuming
Circling there as I hear

Sing me a song with mist
Weave me a yarn of tales
The room started shaking
Vagrant of migration
Kicking and screaming

Sing me a song with mist
Hope the water don’t rise
And we don’t have such flood
Paper boat floating by
Children play in the mud

Sing me a song with mist
On such a grey morning
I see people pass by
On their way to some place
And bird tweet as they fly*

(c) ladyleemanila

* The Monchielle is a poem that consists of four five-line stanzas where the first line repeats in each verse. Each line within the stazas consist of six syllables, and lines three and five rhyme. The rhyme pattern is Abcdc Aefgf Ahiji Aklml.

The Monchielle form was created by Jim T. Henriksen.

For: #JusJoJan prompt the 12th – “Sing” | (lindaghill.com)

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