Puzzle number 17 – fruit and vegetables

I was dared to level up with finishing these puzzles…. so clad with patience and determination, I think I’m managing it. My smile this week. Have a lovely week everyone!

For: ALL SEASONS – YOUR FAVE COFFEE OR TEA – The Jesh Studio (wordpress.com), Three Things Challenge #503 | pensitivity101 (wordpress.com), The Weekly Smile for February 8, 2021 #weeklysmile | Trent’s World (the Blog), image-in-ing: Mmmmm (image-in-ing.blogspot.com)


  1. While I licked on your site, I thought, Will she have another puzzle? Yay, I was right, but i didn’t think it would be vegetables:) Since you’re not done, I wish you a speedy finish, but not too speedy, because then you need another one to get through the week, haha. Thanks so much, it’s fun that you keep All Seasons up to date with your love for puzzles! Stay warm (don’t know if snow is also in the forecast for Germany? Jesh

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    1. thank you, Jesh 🙂 yes, I’ve finished that puzzle… and now working on a new one, the city of Prague…. we have mild weather at the moment, but will snow on Friday… oh well, I try to go out for a walk if and when I can, otherwise, busy with the puzzles hehe… have a lovely week ❤


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