February Love Me 14

I love snow

“It’s snowing, it’s snowing!” A week after I’ve arrived in France, it started snowing. I couldn’t believe my eyes; the whole world was blanketed in white! It was so incredibly gorgeous and perfect, no footsteps in it, just lumps and bumps where plants sat in the gardens and cars entirely covered in snow. I was mesmerised. As soon as I’ve felt its powdery texture, I thought to myself, “This was the White Christmas people were dreaming about.” I couldn’t imagine that just a week ago, from sweltering morning – traffic starting to build up in Manila. The noise of cars, taxis, motorcycles, vans and jeepneys beeping and honking, children going to school and adults to work, street vendors selling taho (soya) or peanuts. Such a difference! A normal hectic day in Manila compared to a peaceful, snowy one in France.

first time to see snow
I could still remember it
I cried with joy

the snow has fallen
on branches and leaves of trees
I tried to taste it

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  1. As a five year old we mvoed from Indonesia to Holland. That was my first memory of snow, but like you I still remember the awe and wonder and joy it brings! Thank you for sharing that firs experience with All Seasons! Because I had a similar experience, I know it’s something one never forget! Have a lovely snowy week, Jesh

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