February Love Me 15

I love books

Keep reading
Keep your books
Books are fun
Books so intimate
Intimate to hold
Intimate to talk
Talk anything
Talk to people
People sometimes scruffy
People should stay home
Home with windows
Home safe and sound
Sound of reason
Sound of repentance
Repentance of what we’ve done
Repentance for everything
Everything and anything
Everything that we have done
Done with snarling
Done being selfish
Selfish and not caring
Selfish yesterday
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Yesterday I finished reading
Reading for fun
Reading for education
Education online
Education quarantine
Quarantine all over the world
Quarantine to prevent spread
Spread of the virus
Spreading at the moment
Moment in time
Moment to think
Think how we could help
Think how we could thank
Thank the frontliners
Thank the ordinary folks
Folks who are doing their best
Folks young and old
Old people are vulnerable
Old with experience and wisdom
Wisdom of the world
Wisdom that is fair
Fair and reasonable
Fair lesson to learn
Learn as much as we can
Learn from books

For: February Love Me 15 | Light Motifs II (wordpress.com)

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