February Love Me 19

I love summer

Summer breeze
Summer holiday
Holiday in the sun
Holiday fun
Fun with kids
Fun and laughter
Laughter and good humour
Laughter in the park
Park of wildlife
Park eating ice-cream
Ice-cream delights
Ice-cream I love
Love me tender
Love me sweet
Sweet daffodils
Sweet Caroline
Caroline’s my aunt
Caroline on skates
Skates and roller blades
Skates around
Around the block
Around with friends
Friends having fun
Friends watching telly
Telly to watch
Telly and Netflix
Netflix news
Netflix films
Films in the summer
Films fun to watch
Watch the kids
Watch the concert
Concert in the park
Concert live
Live and let live
Live broadcast
Broadcast news
Broadcast from Spain
Spain and sun
Spain and fun
Fun holiday
Fun cycling
Cycling to beer garden
Cycling with Him Indoors
Him Indoors and me
Him Indoors’ hobbies
Hobbies making boats
Hobbies and games

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  1. Athira

    You’re always welcome

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  2. Athira

    Fun time👍🏻

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    1. ladyleemanila

      thanks, Athira 🙂

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