Taj Mahal, you’re so wonderful

Image credit; Sanin Sn @ Unsplash
( For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a front view of Taj Mahal, Agra. The sun is either rising or setting in the back )

Taj Mahal, you’re so wonderful

So blessed that I’ve seen you

That day was so memorable

Sun was shining, sky’s blue

Symbol of India’s history

Jewel of Muslim art, glittery

A symbol 

A symbol

Taj Mahal and its mystery

Taj Mahal, you’re so wonderful

First thing in the morning

Inside me woke up wondering

And the sun was shining

Love story of a lifetime

I could look at you anytime

Love story

Love story

Dreamy and all its paradigm

Taj Mahal, you’re so wonderful

Saw you when the sun set

Romantic with all the couples

One of India’s assets

Masterpiece of world’s heritage

Like being on the best stage

A masterpiece

A masterpiece

There’s nothing in comparison*

(c) ladyleemanila 2021

The Trijan Refrain, created by Jan Turner, consists of three 9-line stanzas, for a total of 27 lines. Line 1 is the same in all three stanzas, although a variation of the form is not to repeat the same line at the beginning of each stanza. In other words, the beginning line of each stanza can be different. The first four syllables of line 5 in each stanza are repeated as the double-refrain for lines 7 and 8. The Trijan Refrain is a rhyming poem with a set meter and rhyme scheme as follows:

Rhyme scheme: a/b/a/b/c/c/d,d refrain of first 4 words of line five /c

Meter: 8/6/8/6/8/8/4,4 refrain/8

For: What do you see # 71 – March 1st, 2021 – Keep it alive (lifeafter50forwomen.com), #TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 215, #POET’SCHOICE – Word Craft ~ Prose & Poetry (wordcraftpoetry.com)


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