#SoCS March 13, 2021 – last year

Last year was different

Last year was frightening

Frightening because of the pandemic

Frightening when we go out

Out with crowds

Out only for emergency

Emergency for the whole world

Emergency because of the virus spreading

Spreading fast

Spreading without discrimination

Discrimination of races

Discrimination of needs

Needs to be protected

Needs of others

Others to look after

Others couldn’t see them

Them we usually meet

Them we usually do

Do work at home

Do some puzzles

Puzzles one of my hobbies

Puzzles to complete

Complete frantic

Complete ruin

Ruin moments

Ruin simple fact

Fact that it’s still here

Fact to ponder

Ponder of the new normal

Ponder we have to follow

Follow rules and protocols

Follow recipes

Recipes with sugar

Recipes with dry and wet ingredients

Ingredients to survive

Ingredients so simple

Simple chains

Simple surge

Surge of wisdom

Surge of kindness

Kindness to others

Kindness one of the virtues

Virtues of simple living

Virtues of virtual meeting

Meeting outside to exercise

Meeting and just waving

Waving away

Waving goodbye



(c) ladyleemanila 2021

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