1. That was quick! 👍 By the way, are you following me? That’s one of the Challenge “rules”, not because I collect followers, but it then leads to me following you back and getting email alerts when you post. I rarely use the WordPress Reader and only saw your post because I was writing next weeks challenge at the time in WordPress.
    You’ve had a good go at this though some wouldn’t t be classed or recognised as Still Life arrangements, because there are other things in the image that “weren’t arranged” such as half a photo frame on the wall behind the main subject. The closest one is your face arrangement, but unfortunately it has table edges that could be cropped to make it much better. It would be funny if you put the glasses on that face, closed in a bit to eliminate table edges and take the shot. Have a read of the article links in my post and you will get lots of good tips, it’s a great technique for when you can’t go out because of bad weather etc.

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      1. Great, that should work with email alerts now each time you post. I know it might have sounded strange, but I have email alerts switched ON but WordPress alerts switched OFF, so I don’t get all alerts twice. Do have a good go at the still life, it’s really very easy with iPhones etc because there are no lens issues. It’s all in the arrangement.

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