Reena’s Xploration Challenge #177 – see the whole wide truth

Don’t be frightened to see the whole wide truth

Not by denial or closing one eye

Shine a light on you child, enjoy your youth

Things happen for a reason, don’t know why

So just enjoy the ride for miles and miles

Be enlightened come what may, don’t be shy

Sometimes high, sometimes low, accept trials

Have to reconcile all contradictions

With some stat, we’d do it with own styles

We’re entitled to live, that’s our mission

Just don’t be rude and cause pain to others

We all have different definitions

Open our eyes and see all life’s wonders

Even if the journey’s not that smooth

See all the flaws, cultures and colours

We’re only human, we don’t know the truth

We could only try but then we could sigh

The right way or not, and then we could choose

So in the end it’s up to us to choose

We could be confuse and sometimes amuse

Don’t be frightened to see the whole wide truth

Shine a light on you child, enjoy your youth*

(c) ladyleemanila 2021

The Lauranelle, created by Laura Lamarca, is a hybrid (variation) of both the Villanelle and the Terzanelle forms. The poem is 22 lines in length opposed to the 19-line length of the aforementioned classical forms. Lines MUST be 10 syllables in length and also MUST be in iambic pentameter.

Rhyme scheme is as follows: aba bcb cdc ded efe fbf ggA(1)A(2)

Lines 1 and 2 MUST be repeated at Lines 21 and 22.

Poems can either be formatted in stanzas or as a whole piece without line-spacing.

For: Reena’s Xploration Challenge #177 – Reena Saxena (, Wordle 495 « The Sunday Whirl (


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