Thursday photo prompt: Span #writephoto

a reblog for Sue Vincent


span-2Photo by Sue Vincent

A trip to the country last week
It’s near the border with a creek
Water so fast sounds like a shriek
And children playing hide and seek
Crossing the river that was fun
Relax and sleep and there’s the sun

We had picnic on the green floor
Denying us of all the chore
No stench, fresh air on the shore
Water foams like soap we adore
Why be in cages when we’re out?
Good for our souls without a doubt

Cells in our bodies all relax
The evil can’t follow our tracks
Stronger when we group in packs
Enjoying this day to the max
Won’t forget this view between trees
As we enjoy the birds and breeze*

(c) ladyleemanila 2019

* LaCharta


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