Lost loves and unlickable lollipops

Lost loves and unlickable lollipops

Lost and can’t find my way

Way to your heart

Way to make you see me

Me and my new dress

Me with a red bow

Bow and arrow

Bow and curtsey

Curtsey to the queen

Curtsey with bended knees

Knees and toes

Knees and shoulder

Shoulder that expense

Shoulder the responsibility

Responsibility to the family

Responsible to take seriously

Seriously you can’t lick that lollipop

Seriously it fell to the ground

Ground rules sucks

Ground coffee

Coffee in the morning

Coffee with buns

Buns with honey

Buns for sale

Sale and we can’t go out

Sale of the century

Century of uncertainness

Century of discoveries

Discoveries and experiments

Discoveries of science

Science and Languages

Science of life

Life as we know it

Life and lost love

Love me tenderly

Love and destiny

Destiny of you and me

Destiny come what may

May I see you?

May I have a lollipop?

Lollipop in the playground

Lollipop and ice-cream

Ice-cream in the park

Ice-cream my favourite

Favourite colour

Favourite person

Person to be with

Person to love



(c) ladyleemanila 2021

  • The Blitz Poem

For: April Writing Prompts – Putting My Feet in the Dirt

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