Lake – Image by Sadje

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a lake surrounded by trees and a mountain range in the distance. On the lake edge, you can see a lonesome log floating and a grassy flowered edge.

a string of stillness
sunshine, smile and heaven’s blue
such grandeur to behold

commune with nature
admiring view from the top
oh what a blessing*


the plank of loneliness was here
music was broken by the lake
and so what a mistake to make
when everything was by the pier

a snare when we create
revenge by the cliff
the longer it takes
the harder it gets
salt and pepper
add to the mixture

think again for what was in stake
where we go from here as I steer
and so we need to persevere
let’s finish this with a handshake

the lake is calm
and so are we
glad it ends well
we’re friends again
enjoy the trees
listen to the birds

tahimik ang ilog
sa ihip ng hangin
(a calm lake, by the breeze of the wind)**


For: #WRITEPHOTO – Lake – New2Writing (wordpress.com), Writing Wednesday: 5 May 2021 – AngieTrafford


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