#WQWWC #27: Writer’s Choice: Friendship

Start by saying hello

I was six, she was five, “you’re it!”
Played all day, messed around
Been best friends we have to admit
Both happy to have found
When we’re not on the same country
Separated by sea
We are so thrill
Best friends still

Add some common interests

My friends who pass the test of time
Friends I love going out
Friends who are here in my lifetime
Allies that’s without doubt
I ring in the middle of night
We meet and go out for a bite
We love dancing
We love shopping

Make sure we understand each other

Have other friends throughout my life
They came and then we part
We get on but sometimes strife
We are friends in our heart
We don’t have to see each other
We are there for one another
Support each one
And have some fun

So, to test friendship

When we meet we are full of glee
Lots of adventure and banter
Friends like them are such a delight
We are there for one another

(c) ladyleemanila


food we love and share
always fun when you’re around
of meal and friendship

friends coming for lunch
barbeque in the summer
chatting and drinking

friends in our hearts
share adventure and banter
allies and critiques

(c) ladyleemanila

Such a chill on this cloudy day
Life is fun as I sing on top
Of the world and my spirit’s high

The moon smiles to me don’t know why
Such a swell don’t want to stop
Mix of scream and laugh as we play

Alchemy of friendship at bay
Pulling me softly to the top
Dreaming of home please don’t ask why

Hold my hands together we fly
The city at night as backdrop
We can be together someday

Life takes us up or brings us down
Take it as it comes not breakdown*

(c) ladyleemanila

Popcorn for breakfast
Popcorn for snack
Snack in the movie
Snack at home
Home made popcorn
Home away from home
Home so cosy
Home with you
You and me
You are my love
Love and devotion
Love is a splendour thing
Thing that we treasure
Thing we share
Share and share alike
Share what we enjoy
Enjoy life
Enjoy popcorn
Popcorn is my fave
Popcorn and not nachos
Nachos with cheese
Nachos with relish
Relish the spice
Relish the friendship
Friendship forever
Friendship and trust
Trust me
Trust each other
Other one
Other than that
That will not last
That is so nice to say
Say I love you
Say that we won’t part
Part of us
Part of one another
Another one bites the dust
Another of his pranks
Pranks and jokes
Pranks that made her cry
Cry her hearts out
Cry all evening
Evening watching telly
Evening with popcorn
Popcorn and netflix
Popcorn to enjoy
Enjoy life to the fullest
Enjoy with ice-cream

(c) ladyleemanila

For: #WQWWC #27: Writer’s Choice: Have a Wild Life at Kings Canyon National Park – Marsha Ingrao – Always Write


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