#WQWWC #29: Heat

snorkelling under the sea
deep silence of nature
admiring life down under
fishes and corals
sharing experience
happy with

(c) ladyleemanila

Camping life is never for us
Tried it once and it didn’t work
Uncomfortable and what’s the fuss?
Camping life is never for us
End up fighting, sorry for cuss
So disastrous, came home berserk
Camping life is never for us
Tried it once and it didn’t work*

(c) ladyleemanila

A Triolet

Ricardo was celebrating one New Year’s Eve in Manila. The whole city was loud with different fireworks and spare tyres left burning in the middle of the road. People couldn’t see because of the smoke. Ricardo and his friends were in the street lighting some fireworks. They were having fun.

That’s when he felt something, he thought he was stung by a bee. Or was it? Actually, a stray bullet passed him by his neck and had he moved an inch, he’d surely be hit big time. So, after the shock, he was very grateful for his new life! Three cheers!

(c) ladyleemanila

The day they met cherry blossoms in town
She’s learning English, he is a tourist
He’s fascinated by her eyes, so brown

They fell in love but both have to adjust
East meets west and so different they are
She is a cellist, he is an artist

He is her full moon, she is his star
She follows her tradition and culture
To be in love with her is quite bizarre

Love is all, everything else is quite blur
They’ve to fight for love is complicated
Not just sushi and tea for the answer

They prayed for the engagement to be blessed
From their families who are far apart
Love they feel for each, they never doubted

Two hearts, one soul, nothing can make them thwart
To be separated is the cruellest
They’d do anything not to be depart

So on this day in Tokyo, they married
She wore a kimono, he wore a tweed
The day they met cherry blossoms in town
He’s fascinated by her eyes, so brown**

(c) ladyleemanila

** The Lauranelle

On a hot summer’s night
Sitting in the garden
Quite enjoying the sun
Have a drink with my knight
Talking, such a delight
Not a lot has been done

Just been on holiday
Been swimming and cycling
Or just simply ambling
On the grass we both lay
As we talk by the bay
See what the day will bring

On a hot summer’s night
Together we feel right***

(c) ladyleemanila

*** The HexSonnetta

We may be miles apart
From a land so far away
But your spirit is here
I can feel the heat of your spell
Scorching my skin
Your words in my mind
Warm breeze whispered
Through the chimes
I cry out wordlessly in pain
Maybe it’s a sign to move on
This point might seem trite
I’m still as confused as ever
But the aim is…
…please let me sleep…

the light has gone out
the heat of your spell is there
still confusing

(c) ladyleemanila

I wonder where I could find you

Wishing you were here even in my dreams

The call of the wind as the sky is blue

Push the limits of what we’ve been through

The heat of your hands or so it seems

I wonder where I could find you

Standing here as the birds flew

The hay as my pillow by all means

The call of the wind as the sky is blue

Hope you didn’t slip from my angle of view

Shell shock and feeling cold from the streams

I wonder where I could find you

You could be in Paris or Timbuktu

And the hawk is being covered by the greens

The call of the wind as the sky is blue

I’m sorry and I wish we didn’t say adieu

Wish you were here and not just daydreams

I wonder where I could find you

The call of the wind as the sky is blue****

(c) ladyleemanila

**** A Villanelle 

It was night of passion
And it was full of action
When our flesh hypnotize each other
And all we could hear was a soft whir
The liquor works like an oil for the machine
Like a free spirit but never to be obscene
Full of gimmick, torturing our brains
Behave to keep us from being unchains
Teasing our lust, as fast as the train
Feeling of ecstasy, that’s what’s to gain
With French maid uniform and apron
To make believe is always fun
Spreading lotion all over our flesh
Powder to make us feel so refresh
What an exciting night
Everything is just right

(c) ladyleemanila

For: #WQWWC #29: Heat – Marsha Ingrao – Always Write, Writing Wednesday: 16 June 2021 – AngieTrafford


  1. Hi Lady Lee, You are a true poet, my friend. Your story about your husband nearly getting killed had me sitting on the edge of my seat. I laughed at your poem, Camping is never for us. I had that experience with my first husband and his mother on a trip across the United States with friends – in 2 tents! Not good. First night – hail, Second night – wind that blew over the tent, Third night and beyond – hotel paid by mother-in-law. Camping wasn’t for us! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and being part of #WQWWC. Sorry to respond so late. I didn’t see the link until I checked to write the next post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much Lady Lee. I love having you participate. I can always count on seeing your smiling face and reading some new-to-me forms of poetry. I enjoy it very much. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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