Tree Man – Image by Willowdot21
For visually challenged writersthe image a tree that has partly been carved to represent a man (or an ape I’m undecided).

The forest for me is a place to comtemplate
Where I walk among the trees and feeling great
The canopy of leaves giving me some shade
Trunks stood so straight like they were in parade
And the fresh air I breathe so adequate

I hug a tree like he is my mate
Telling him my feeling at any rate
And the breeze making us swayed
A place to contemplate

Each texture and bark I can predate
And the bough can’t imagine its weight
The forest is where I walked and played
In times of troubles, a place where I prayed
And one time, a place to meet my blind date
A place to contemplate*

(c) ladyleemanila

* Rondeau

** For HRH the son and beautiful K’s 5th wedding anniversary this year (which is wood anniversary), we dedicated a tree for them. We purchased a sapling from the National Forest, which came with a personalised certificate and a preferred choice of tree species – oak. Trees are around 40-60cm tall – the perfect size for establishing themselves in their new home and, at the end of the season, they’ll be in touch confirming the location of the young woodland and how to visit. HRH the son and beautiful K are very pleased with their present.

For:  #writephoto Challenge – New2Writing (wordpress.com)


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