Writer’s Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge: Writer’s Choice – All about me

I am me and I dare to be different

Start the day with prayer, ignore the current

Be me! Be me! I love myself

I love reading books on the shelf

Cooking, travelling and of course, shopping

Be me as I wonder, jump and skipping

I am me, together with Him Indoors

In hot or cold weather we go outdoors

Together! Together! That’s us

Through thick or thin, without a fuss

Weathering storm, doesn’t matter what

Together we go through life without but*

(c) ladyleemanila

* Staccato

nature becomes me
going with the flow and all
but sometimes against

white stream cascading
as the water hits the lake
time to reflect

both beautiful and brutal
simply takes our breath away

fountains, ducks and coots
having ice-cream by the lake
our Sunday’s pleasure

in the summer time we usually cycle
to the beer garden and sit by the lake
having some ice-cream, chatting, never a lull
watch the world pass by if that’s what it takes
garden full of flowers, mostly brambles
take it easy, we all deserve a break
birds build nests, bees buzzing, hedgehogs do the round
children laughing, people passing all around

fun swimming in the lake, time to be with friends
having picnics, singing, dancing and lots more
the joy of summer, don’t want it to end
walk up the mountain, stroll in the moor
visit family and all the love we send
discover places and see what’s in store
sweet honeysuckle, lavender and roses
all these activities give us a real buzz

The crossing
Waiting for you
A special place to be with each other
Just to be us and the rest of the woods
As the birds sing
Squirrels look
Dry leaves
Each other
Profess our love
Under the crossing of the trees with you**

(c) ladyleemanila 

** Tetractys

One of my hobbies is blogging
Have to blog at least once a day
Poems, photos, any which way

I love travelling and cooking
Experimental cooking that’s us
And if it tastes good it’s a plus

Scrabble, words and other things
Taking photos, bits and pieces
Meeting friends, shopping give me buzz

Scarlet letter I’m reading
Got hundreds of books in Kindle
I love reading when I’m able

Europe, Asia we’re travelling
Every year I visit my Mum
To the Philippines where we swum***

(c) ladyleemanila

*** Constanza

Writing is like dancing
Jiving, swinging with words
Words in perfect rhythm
Like a well-oiled machine
In my heart I blossom

Writing is like dancing
Putting my heart to it
Gliding from place to place
Nourishment for the soul
Dancing with dazzling grace

Writing is like dancing
Unleash my emotion
With focused clarity
With pleasure I create
I’m so glad I am free

Writing is like dancing
Both lift our spirits
Move with music and words
Stirring excitement
Like the tweeting of birds****

(c) ladyleemanila

**** Monchielle

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  1. Your poetry always inspires me, Lady Lee. I love how you write so many different types. They never sound stilted as some form poetry does. It’s that dancing with words that you do so well. Even the video was full of energy and dancing. Another fabulous post, my friend. 🙂

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