#WQWWC # 33: Exploration

me till end
forget the past
the future is in our hands together
we have to explore and experience life
over here and
over there
let’s go

the past is the past
we have the future together
till death do us part

I love you and that’s the key
And as long as you love me

You make my life so wonderful
Don’t care where you’re from, we’re blissful

Doesn’t matter ‘bout your history
We get on fine and you make me glee

I’m sure we can face the world together
I’m so happy with you, you’re a dazzler

With you, we can explore and challenge, for sure
And there’s such a thing as a forevermore*

The Con-Verse

Christos wasn’t a hooligan, but he was raised in a ghetto neighbourhood and was street wise. He had no problem walking through a rough neighbourhood at night. There were people hanging around, doing drugs, prostitution and a charnel stench that filled the air near their street. He was on the cusp of becoming a delinquent teenager when a camp counsellor extended his support by giving him a job. He is streetwise enough not to bite the hand that feeds. He is never given to hysteria, or explosive passion, as much as he is to explore implosive energy that builds, as if by stealth, into something more meaningful and inevitable. He wore his cheap shirt with some geometric prints with his jeans at work. He felt a bit creepy, going to work. He realised though, that if he behave well and carried on working, soon he won’t be in the lower bracket of society.

In this world full of adventure
Things to try, emotions to stir
We’ve got to climb high and dive deep
Uncover the truth, we need answer

Discover new things that are blur
In faraway places and sea azure
Explore and conquer if we can
The world is our oyster, no border

Things to prosper what we’ve began
Took the opportunity and ran
How could we know if we don’t try?
Go with the flow, there’s no ban

Action and reaction we fly
Fly high in the sky with my guy
Things to try, formula to apply
The end is near, time to say bye**

** Quatrain

Glimpsed outside to freedom
Sunshine and light, is it all worth it?
Will I miss this place when I’m there?
When I reach there, will you be there, too?
And together we can explore beyond

O Anchorage, sweet Anchorage
Dog sledding is quite fun
Place as cold as being in fridge
We met and we both run
Such adventure, fuels daydreams
Eating strawberries with some cream
Such adventure
Such adventure
Made my life better than it seems

O Anchorage, sweet Anchorage
Glacier and wildlife day cruises
Saw whales, otters along the bridge
Such a show with all the fuzz
Thunderous roar, blue ice crashes
We also stayed in some barges
Thunderous roar
Thunderous roar
All these things are at their aces

O Anchorage, sweet Anchorage
Unexplored wilderness around
All these things good for our knowledge
Four wheelers or no wheels snowbound
Everything else is a bonus
Good for all terrain awesomeness
Everything else
Everything else
Being here is so fabulous***

*** The Trijan Refrain

Let go of your weaknesses, we all have them.

Let go of the problem, it will be dealt with one way or another.

Let go of what you’re afraid of, it’s by facing it head on that you’ll prevail.

Let go of the frustration, especially on the things we have no control.

Let go of the competition with others, just try your best.

Let go of the past, they will never come back. Accept. Concentrate on the now and the future.

What was right for you then is not necessarily right for you now. Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go but rather realising that you have changed, and then learning to start over with your new truth.

Let go and move on.

For: #WQWWC # 33: Exploration – Marsha Ingrao – Always Write


  1. Lady Lee, this is another fabulous post. You must have gone on an Alaskan cruise. At least that’s what your poem, The Trijan Refrain, reminded me of. You are certainly prolific. I couldn’t write that many poems in a month of months. let alone in a week. Fabulous work, my friend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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