7 Ways to Chill Out with #WQWWC and Relax

When I was young, life was a wonderland
Full of mysteries and things to discover
Lots of things I don’t understand

My parents were strict, things were banned
Growing up with trials and errors, so blur
When I was young, life was a wonderland

I made a lot of mistakes, mostly freehand
I learned some of the lessons as they were
Lots of things I don’t understand

Sometimes I said things offhand
To protect myself I needed an armour
When I was young, life was a wonderland

What I believe, I make a stand
As I mature, I’m slightly getting the answer
Lots of things I don’t understand

But of course, my horizon to expand
Now I get it, I’m my own author
When I was young, life was a wonderland
Lots of things I don’t understand*

(c) ladyleemanila

* Villanelle

Leaning on an everlasting arm
Swarm of animals charming in a farm
It’s all about true grit and determination
Not to make myself anyone’s burden
Learning lessons from the books in the library
Relaxing, while having a nice cup of tea
Even though I’m still half-dressed, I’m reading
Basking in its glory, all brimming and breezing
I love to tell stories, make them up most of the time
Have a go, I’m sure you’ll love it in the meantime
It’s this feeling of creating something wonderful
Like first seeing a tiger in a jungle in Bengal
The world’s my stage, every person its characters
Every production is unique, and so are its bloopers
Interacting with each other, reacting to any situation
Everyone responsible for their own action and reaction

our favourite room, the attic
where we watch television and DVDs
Netflix, BBC or Channel 4 news
do our crosstraining
have a drink and relax in the evening
could be messy but we don’t mind
for us it’s the best room in the house

the sea
boats floating by
relaxing on the beach
swimming, kayaking, snorkelling
temperate climate, gentle waves
friends swimming as sun sets
ocean spray

Our fish tank has been with us since HRH the son was 8. He loved this tank, spent hours and hours looking at the fishes, talking to them. We used to go and choose new fishes from the shop, get them used to the water in the tank and slowly introduced them to the ones already in. He never forgot to feed them and from time to time, gave them fresh treats. Every time we had some visitors, the son would first show them his prized fish tank. Soon, it was time for him to leave our nest to study in another country. By that time, he had other interests aside from the fish. I had to do the cleaning and the feeding. We didn’t buy new fish anymore. Now, there are only 2 fishes in the tank. It’s like a paradise for them, this huge fish tank for two.

For: 7 Ways to Chill Out with #WQWWC and Relax – Marsha Ingrao – Always Write


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