Reena’s Xploration Challenge #192 – Regret

The day has come for it to end
We thought it would keep till the grave
Like a loan we pay what was lend
No regret all the time we gave
Bad things we have done we forgave
Such a relief we are now free
We were not caught what was close shave
Please let me go and release me
It was special, you were my friend
Memories we shared and heat wave
Debt to pay, trust to give and fend
Poor me, it was like a shock wave
The thing was, I was like a slave
Clasp in the nectar like a bee
What was done was done, can’t be saved
Please let me go and release me
I still can not comprehend
Dissapointed and so depraved
I thought you were good and godsend
That in my heart you were engraved
I was wrong and everything’s waived
You were not honest now I see
I have to move on and be brave
Please let me go and release me
There’s always hope as I forgave
It wasn’t late, I’m glad to be free
I promise not to misbehave
Please let me go and release me

Dear the one who got away,
I still cannot fathom
What had happened
Things went so fast
Things which shouldn’t be
Things left unsaid
So horrible to think
Trust was broken
Great pain ensued
Shattering the heart
When I’ve given my all
Time will help heal
Time will make me understand
The truth, you don’t deserve me
Better to pick up the pieces
Carry on, move on with life
Life is wonderful without you
Regretfully, your long lost love

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