happy to finished our bespoke garden puzzle
happy to be fully vaccined with Astra and Biontech
happy to see iris blooming in our garden
happy to be able to drive to Kirchsee, walked around the lake and see some people swimming
happy to be able to cook this morcon, a Philippine delicacy

For: Photo Blogging Challenge (July 2021): Happy (, image-in-ing: American Tobacco Campus, Durham NC


  1. I’m late visiting everyone’s July “happy” posts, but there’s an advantage this time around. Did you know that in Canada, there was a big uproar in the news media in September, when Health Canada officials announced that all the COVID vaccines were getting name changes? Until then, they were just called by the manufacturers’ names – even on the vaccine records. With the September change, they’re finally called what’s showing on your vaccine record. It was another opportunity for anti-vaxxers to say the whole COVID vaccine program is a scam and spout a bunch of crazy theories. Anyhow, I’m happy to say that even here in laggardly Alberta, the vaccination rate is finally starting to approach 80% of those aged 12+.

    The morcon looks amazing. I just looked up a few recipes, and while a bit time consuming, it looks fairly straightforward. I might even be able to talk our two twenty-somethings – who are currently back in the nest – to trying it with me…although maybe without the pickle?

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