Mountains Quotes

Flowering fields of fortune
Where everything’s gorgeous
People around the world in harmony
Different beliefs and cultures in diversity
Linking hands as the sun shines
No borders, no exemptions, no confines
Mother Nature looking after everyone
As we play along and have fun
Blue skies, green forest, the mountains
Waterfalls, the seas and fountains
Flowers blooming, birds singing
Bells ringing, children playing
Flowering fields of fortune

I love hiking in the mountains
With Him Indoors at the weekend
Lots of places we recommend

Great time to start when sun brightens
Wear our hiking boots and we’re off
Back at home we eat stroganoff

Valleys in Garmisch they’re the ones
We take our time to visit all
And when it’s cold I wear my shawl

Places, our horizon broadens
We’re so glad we live near the Alps
And not scratching our scalp

Mountains and valleys our passions
In the summer we take our bikes
Got to be careful with spikes*

* Constanza

Vast and majestic
Love to conquer a mountain
Striving with awe
With brisk exhaustion made it
Such a wonderful feeling

Between seven seas
Lovers seeking each other
Thinking it’s easy
Heartaches and tribulation
Not meant to be together**

** Tanka

With open arms, I’ll fly with you
We will sing with the warblers
Aiming to reach the feeders
You’re my one big surprise

Black birds sing on old oak tree
Building nest on some branches
My world used to be all beige
With open arms, I’ll fly with you

Nowadays with you, it’s all bright
The colours of the rainbow
Embrace me as you do
We will sing with the warblers

You’re the last piece of my puzzle
My morning sun and evening moon
I’m so pleased you have found me
Aiming to reach the feeders

We’ll climb the highest mountains
Walk till we circle the globe
Just love me as you do
You’re my one big surprise***

*** Cascade

When I venture out
The unknown and shout
That the world is my oyster
Zip lining and fly
Challenges I try
Ambling and finding answer

When climbing mountains
Watch the moons and suns
Trying things for the first time
Adventure I want
With Him so gallant
We could be partners in crime

When all has been lost
I know I am crossed
Something that was wrongly done
So disappointed
Friendship is ceded
And trust has been abandon

Time will help heal wound
Like in battleground
Rise above difficulties
Move on that’s the best
For I know I’m blessed
More happy thoughts to appease

To the top I want
Even if they taunt
I know I have to work hard
I have to insist
Life is full of twists
Go on even when scarred

All the challenges
And the hindrances
Thus never smooth sailing
Have to persevere
Can’t be all Shakespeare
Do my best, see what it brings

It’s never easy
I’m sometimes dizzy
It’s the journey to the top
I have to reach it
I have to commit
Secret is not to stop****

**** Alouette

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