#WQWWC 38: Learning, Education, or Schools

You came to my life, my king
With you I’m always beaming
Sunny days and fun you bring
To my life you’ve added zing
Given you all my being
My heart, my soul, my caring
But then, some things are baffling
I’ve never seen it coming
Situations seem too taxing
How come you’ve changed, I’m asking
You don’t seem to be caring
How come now I am aching?
And the things you’ve done gives me sting
Didn’t know you’re so cunning
Is our love story ending?
All the tears I have to wring
Your lost, my gain, I’m learning*

A Monorhyme

Back in the old days when life was simple
Typing my essays, paper might crimple
Lift up! Lift up! Count our blessings
This virus thing and it’s pressing
Don’t panic, wash hands and stay on board
Lift up our hearts and sing praise to our Lord

Stay at home if we want this contain
And do not roam, not by train nor airplane
Enough! Enough! Let’s do our part
We must be two meters apart
Virus spreads from person to person
Enough being selfish, not to worsen

After this we’ll view the world differently
What we have gone through, treat the world gently
Be calm! Be calm! Smooth sailing
Don’t rip the floor, stop wailing
World’s telling us, listen to the message
Be calm and let us learn our lesson**

** Staccato

A swiftly failing memory
No prose and no poems
When world is tender be
When life’s full of roses
Then the wind change and it’s all gone
All alone like a black swan
Then the wind change
Then the wind change
Got to be tough sine qua non

A swiftly failing memory
With all the promises
In each other’s eyes lovingly
Thought it was so joyous
With you and me against the world
With no secrets that flap unfurled
With you and me
With you and me
Then it wasn’t the real world

A swiftly failing memory
Sunrise and moonlight
Like jewels in the treasury
I thought you were my knight
Not meant to be, that we know now
Lesson learned and move on somewhow
Not meant to be
Not meant to be
But with no regrets anyhow***

*** Trijan Refrain

in the darkest hour, dews form
where dreams slowly clash with the stars
dragoons perish like brontosaurs
battles were fought during storm

souls grew old
tired and weary
from the unknown
masters ruled
strategies changed
fallen from great height

some undertakings in the memoirs
like being stuck in the hailstorm
and the reception was lukewarm
music with meshing of guitars

souls grew wise
lessons learned
respect and hope
peace to all

ang lahat ng tao
dumadaan sa pagsubok
(all people
go through challenges)****


He came, we had fun and he’s gone
Years of waiting and he was here
Playgroup, school, he’s our khan

We used to bake cake and scone
He played football, too and we cheer
He came, we had fun and he’s gone

He loved dönner kebab and prawn
He played music for us to hear
Playgroup, school, he’s our khan

His friends came and they’re up till dawn
“Don’t worry Mum, I don’t drink beer”
He came, we had fun and he’s gone

He gained his muscle, strength and brawn
He played, too a part in Shakespeare
Playgroup, school, he’s our khan

Eighteen years later and he’s gone
We enjoyed the time he was here
He came, we had fun and he’s gone*****

***** Villanelle

My friends and I love to meet up
At the café for our catch-up
Saturday is our shopping spree
Peach coffee and hazelnut tea

Been friends from primary school
Copying homework and module
In the winter we love to ski
Peach coffee and hazelnut tea

As we grow up we laugh and cry
We stick together we rely
Friends forever that is the key
Peach coffee and hazelnut tea******

****** Kyrielle

For: https://alwayswrite.blog/2021/08/18/wqwwc-38-learning-education-or-schools/, https://angietrafford.com/2021/08/18/writing-wednesday-18-august-2021/


  1. Your post is full of learning, some sad, some happy, some full of love and pride. I think I liked the one about your son growing up the very best. My favorite line, “He came, we had fun and he’s gone.” It would be wonderful if everyone felt that way about their kids, especially the part about having fun. What a blessing to be able to enjoy all the phases. The good news is that they aren’t really gone. They keep popping up stage after stage. Thanks for sharing these great poems and quotes, Lady Lee. Always a pleasure to read.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That sounds lovely. Vince’s son is 51 and we see him infrequently. He lives about 10 hours drive away. Easy flight. But he nervous about COVID so has not come.

        Liked by 2 people

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