Work or Career Quotes (#WQWWC Sept 1, 2021)

Grant me the wish for my only son
The howling wind and strong breeze
In his sleep he’s thinking of some sheep
And some mermaids swaying in the seas

I’m under the arches of the bridge
Thinking of the son’s future
He’s thinking of some sheep in his sleep
After that sleep he comes out fresher

I only want what’s best for the son
With the wife and his career
In his sleep he’s thinking of some sheep
And in the forest foxes and deer*

* ZaniLa Rhyme

This is a story of Edong Mapangarap. His father died when he was young and his mother raised him and his younger sister by sewing some clothes. Edong was given some scholarship in high school and he worked as a waiter to support himself and his family while studying. He managed to pursue his ambition (went to college, got married, got children, found good jobs) but he still carried on working in the evening as a waiter. He was such a good waiter that customers demanded that they be served by him. Edong was my father and I was so proud of him. I always said that he brought us up from the tips that he got from his customers. In return, I always give tips to all the waiters who serve us. I just miss my father.

If only I followed my heart instead of my head
I wouldn’t be living in that shed
If only I went out with Brad instead of Pete
Perhaps my life would be complete
If only I finished my degree instead of eloping with Pete
I swoon over his manly ways and he was sweet
If only I concentrated on my career instead of bearing children
I seem to be forever living with my apron
I would be staying at the cottage house by the beach
The sky began to change from grey to peach
I would be sailing and catching fish with our boat
The water is refreshing as I float
I would probably still have my figure and career
And hopefully have a gorgeous year
I would probably still be happy with my life
With friends to go out for our nightlife
But I have made some rash decisions
I have to think about the little ones
And I have to suffer the consequences
Ponder carefully before I make choices

In the grand scheme of things, we meander in bliss
Don’t signal me to leave with my horse, I’m a princess
Live with those we need the most, life’s full of roses
With a buzz and a fuzz, we have to take all our chances
Forget the gamblers and saloon girls with their bullets
Write some sonnets, enjoy the chocolates in the banquets
Stop in a cosy spot and keep ourselves warm by firewood
Stay virtuous, you might even be a candidate for sainthood
Tenacity will get us through against dismal thrust of events
Life is full of twists, turns and surprises, live in suspense
I get goose bumps by thinking we’re living at the edge
Sometimes sliding downhill like a journey with a sledge
Life’s such a ball, full of locks, smiths and the whole lot
Open our eyes and believe in faith, fame and whatnot

Grandma used to work in a shop
With lots of fabrics and buttons
Such a fine haberdashery
Buttons in red, orange and blue

I remember visiting her
Grandma used to work in a shop
She’d showed me around, such treasures
All those buttons in different sizes

Like being in Aladdin cave
Bits and pieces all over place
Grandma used to work in a shop
Her colleagues were all welcoming

Display shelves of different fabrics
In cotton, silk and acrylic
I remember looking in awe
Grandma used to work in a shop

My grandma and her shop
Memories I’d always treasure

My grandfather had a Spanish heritage
Heritage from my grandmother was her long hair
Hair so brown and wavy like a native Filipina
Filipina I am I swear

My mother was one of seven
Seven children all different
Different careers, different lives
Lives all so current

My father’s father died when he was young
Young and alone but he was clever
Clever to be given some scholarship
Scholarship and I was proud of him forever

Whatever I achieve and wherever I am
Am always very grateful
Grateful for the roots of my family
Love them and I’m ever so faithful**

** Loop Poetry



  1. Your poems are poignant and so real I don’t know if they are poetry only or if they are a story about yourself, Lady Lee. Your John Lennon quote is funny but right on. I love your waiter story. I love the buttons. My great-grandmother worked in a glove factory. We always had buttons and gloves to play with.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The story of the waiter is beautiful and so heart-warming. After spending many years as a waitress I always tip too. It may seem like just a little generosity but it can make such a difference in people’s lives. Great poems and quotes too. KL ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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